ADR 2019: procedure into force 1° January 2019

ADR 2019: procedure into force 1° January 2019

The Secretary-General of the United Nations, acting in his capacity as depositary, communicates the following:

The Government of Portugal, in accordance with paragraph 1 of article 14 of the above Agreement, has transmitted to the Secretary-General the text of the proposed amendments to Annexes A and B, as amended, to the above Agreement. It will be recalled that the text of these proposed amendments had been approved by the Working Party on the Transport of Dangerous Goods of the Economic Commission for Europe at its 100th, 101st, 102nd, 103rd and 104th sessions.

The procedure for the amendment of annexes to the Agreement is set forth in its article 14, in particular, in paragraphs 2 and 3, which read as follows:
“2. The Secretary-General shall transmit any proposal made under paragraph 1 of this article to all Contracting Parties and inform thereof the other countries referred to in article 6, paragraph 1.
3. Any proposed amendment to the annexes shall be deemed to be accepted unless, within three months from the date on which the Secretary-General circulates it, at least one-third of the Contracting Parties, or five of them if one-third exceeds that figure, have given the Secretary-General written notification of their objection to the proposed amendment.

If the amendment is deemed to be accepted, it shall enter into force for all the Contracting Parties, either on the expiry of a further period of three months or, in cases where similar amendments have been or are likely to be made to the other international agreements referred to in paragraph 1 of this article, on the expiry of a period the duration of which shall be determined by the Secretary-General in such a way as to allow, wherever possible, the simultaneous entry into force of the amendment and those that have been or are likely to be made to such other agreements; such period shall not, however, be of less than one month’s duration.”

Consequently, unless the proposed amendments to the Annexes are deemed rejected pursuant to article 14 (3) within three months from the date of the notification, i.e., on 1 October 2018, the amendments in question will enter into force on 1 January 2019.

The texts of the proposed amendments are contained in the following documents:
– ECE/TRANS/WP.15/240,
– ECE/TRANS/WP.15/240/Corr.1
– ECE/TRANS/WP.15/240/Add.1,

which can be accessed on the website of the Transport Division of the Economic Commission for Europe at
the following address:

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