Multilateral Agreements: Update August 2016

List of Bilateral and Multilateral Agreements

Update August 2016


1.5.1 Temporary derogations
In accordance with Article 4, paragraph 3 of ADR, the competent authorities of the Contracting Parties may agree directly among themselves to authorize certain transport operations in their territories by temporary derogation from the requirements of ADR, provided that safety is not compromised thereby. The authority which has taken the initiative with respect to the temporary derogation shall notify such derogations to the Secretariat of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe which shall bring them to the attention of the Contracting Parties1.

NOTE: “Special arrangement” in accordance with 1.7.4 is not considered to be a temporary derogation in accordance with this section.
The period of validity of the temporary derogation shall not be more than five years from the date of its entry into force. The temporary derogation shall automatically cease as from the date of the entry into force of a relevant amendment to ADR.
Transport operations on the basis of temporary derogations shall constitute transport operations in the sense of ADR.


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