ADR 2023 WASTE estimated in the transport document

ADR 2023: Waste estimated quantity in the transport document

_______ If it is not possible to measure the exact quantity of the waste at the place of loading, the quantity according to (f) may be estimated for the following cases under the following conditions:

(a) For packagings, a list of packagings including the type and the nominal volume is added to the transport document;
(b) For containers, the estimation is based on their nominal volume and other available information (e.g. type of waste, average density, degree of filling);
(c) For vacuum-operated waste tanks, the estimation is justified (e.g. by means of an estimation provided by the consigner or by vehicle equipment).

Such estimation of the quantity is not allowed for:
– Exemptions for which the exact quantity is essential (e.g.;
– Waste containing substances mentioned in or substances of Class 4.3;
– Tanks other than vacuum-operated waste tanks.

A statement shall be included in the transport document, as follows:


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