Hazard identification numbers 2019 (Kemler Codes)

Hazard identification numbers 2019 (Kemler Codes)

CHAPTER 5.3 PLACARDING AND MARKING OF CONTAINERS, BULK CONTAINERS, MEGCs, MEMUs, TANK-CONTAINERS, PORTABLE TANKS AND VEHICLES Meaning of hazard identification numbers The hazard identification number consists of two or three figures. In general, the figures indicate the

following hazards:

2 Emission of gas due to pressure or to chemical reaction

3 Flammability of liquids (vapours) and gases or self-heating liquid

4 Flammability of solids or self-heating solid

5 Oxidizing (fire-intensifying) effect

6 Toxicity or risk of infection

7 Radioactivity

8 Corrosivity

9 Risk of spontaneous violent reaction

NOTE: The risk of spontaneous violent reaction within the meaning of figure 9 include the possibility following from the nature of a substance of a risk of explosion, disintegration and polymerization reaction following the release of considerable heat or flammable and/or toxic gases.

Doubling of a figure indicates an intensification of that particular hazard.

Where the hazard associated with a substance can be adequately indicated by a single figure, this is followed by zero.

The following combinations of figures, however, have a special meaning: 22, 323, 333, 362, 382, 423, 44, 446, 462, 482, 539, 606, 623, 642, 823, 842, 90 and 99, see below.


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